Our Approach

1 Degree Planning focuses on a 5 steps approach for all our clients


Step 1



How can we know what to plan for if we don't know what you want in life? This is a very important step where it's all about you and your life goals. Tell us what you want and when you want them!

Step 2



Base on your answers in step 1, We compare what your current financial situation looks like and see if that’s aligned with your goals. 

Step 3



We will come up with several recommendations and possible plans for you to choose. Here is where we show you the big picture of your financial plan and get feedback from you.

Step 4



According to your priorities, we will implement our plans layer by layer and explain to you how each part makes sense and works with each other.


Final Step


Constant Review

Once we implemented a plan of your choosing, we need to make sure we review constantly because your life goals may change as you go through different life stages! We need to adjust our plans accordingly if your goals change.



Our 4 Pillars of Planning


Asset Growth Protection

Vancouver, being one of the most expensive cities in the world, has a high price tag to start with. Coupled with the fact that inflation is out pacing the city's salary growth, if we only rely on our salary as the sole source of income, we will surely fall behind and result in a lower quality of life. Hence, we must have some sort of investment (according to your risk tolerance) to combat inflation and create wealth for ourselves.

Wealth Protection

As it is important to create wealth, it is equally as important to not lose money as well. A perfect investment strategy that nets you millions of dollars is worth nothing if we do not manage our two biggest potential family financial risks: Risk of death and Risk of being sick. A well-planned protection strategy can use the minimum effort to cover both risks so you can have a peace of mind.

Property Planning

Having a roof over our head is one of our most basic needs as human. However, owning it proves to be much harder in Vancouver than anywhere else. With the outrageous increases of housing prices, it will be nearly impossible to get our dream home unless we have very careful planning going towards it. Housing doesn't just mean down payment and mortgage; we must also consider how to ease into mortgage/house expense payments slowly so we do not create hardship in our lives trying to feed our houses.

All Around Tax Coverage

Tax is one of the most expensive deductions in our income every year; our philosophy is to do planning with as little out-of-pocket expense as possible. The best way to achieve this is to use effective tax planning every year to create a "free" budget from tax refunds. Many people perceive tax refund as extra spending money, but they are actually your hard earn cash, it should go towards building your future.



See what our clients say about us

Anny Chen.jpg

I have worked in the financial services sector for years. Through my experiences, I recognize the positive impacts that a financial consultant can bring to an individual or a family. Aside from knowledge and experience, Jacky has these characteristics to help his clients, like myself, build a financial stable future.

- Anny Chen

Carolyn Andy.jpg

We met Jacky in 2014 and he has been our planner ever since, he takes care of all our financial needs and give us very good advice!

-Carolyn & Andy

Jacky has been amazing since day one. I’ve been dealing with him for a couple of years now and he has been extremely helpful. During inquiries, he proposes multiple offers to me and explains the pros and cons for each one with clarity. He has definitely curbed any sort of buyer’s remorse I initially felt and I feel comfortable when he handles my investments. Though I try not to disturb him during his time off, he’ll answer my calls when I have problems/emergencies during evenings, weekends, and even his holidays! At times when an investment doesn’t grow well, he is equipped with or will find a contingency plan. Would I recommend Jacky? Of course! He’s a huge part of my life now and I recommend him to my friends!
— Enzo & Ela


One of our mission at 1 Degree Planning is to provide and spread financial knowledges to our clients and their circle. We believe that learning about your own finance is a crucial step in the planning process, we run weekly seminars on the following topics. These seminars are free for all our clients and their friends.

The 3 Secrets of First Time Home Buyers Seminar
The 3 stages of real estate investment that you don’t know

Corporate Planning Seminar
How to be tax efficient with your corporate earning and retained earnings

The 2 Keys of Mortgage Payoff Strategies Seminar
How to use 2 keys & 5 strategies to pay off mortgage 5-10 years earlier

Millionaire's Six Account Seminar
How Millionaire manages their money from zero to millions

High Frequency Investing Seminar
How to invest aggressively while managing the volatility and risk in market

Family's Ultimate Child Planning Seminar
How to plan in a way that teaches children important life lessons

Double Return on Real Estate Properties Seminar
How to restructure your real estate for maximum

Baby Boomer Asset Creation Seminar
How to build and transfer wealth to next generation and avoid tax

Advanced Tax Planning Strategies
The 6 ways of saving tax from your hard working money

Property Tax Deferment Seminar
The 12 strategies to build up your retirement and leave a legacy